• Ralf H. Komor

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I am an interim manager, author, Digital Sales Evangelist, and an absolute B2B sales expert. Customers from the manufacturing industry benefit from my 30 years of experience in sales in both national and international projects.

Tools, tips and tricks: As an implementation-oriented Interim Manager, I help you optimize your sales organization and digitize your sales processes.


I am a strategist, an innovator, an unconventional thinker, a mover and shaker and therefore I do the right things sooner and better.


As a sales expert, I know every situation from field tested experience.


As a “down-to-earth” salesman, I connect with all the people in your company.

My mission to your success:

  • Development of custom-fit sales strategies
  • Development of innovative business models based on the Business Model Navigator method of the University of St.Gallen (BMI Lab)
  • Planning and implementation of optimization measures
  • Planning and implementation of digitalization strategies
  • Optimisation of market position and innovative performance
  • Conducting of Customer-Co-Creation Workshops
  • Agile sales management in the age of digitalization
  • Improvement of productivity, liquidity and profitability
  • Implementation of BIM – Building Information Modeling
  • Compilation, management and motivation of teams
  • Implementation-focused Interim Sales Management 4.0
  • Increase of the attractiveness of the company for young employees


We have worked together with Mister Komor in the course of the acquisition for an mandate as interim Managing Director in an MDAX Group. Mister Komor was able to delight the customer with its excellent personal appearance and the technically precise discussions. Mister Komor convinces with his hands-on mentality and his direct way of communicating with the client, employees and other board members.
He understands, in particular, to convince people he is working with of new ideas and approaches and to take them along on this path. I am really looking forward to working together in the current and future common mandates.

Björn KnotheCEO - division one GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Mister Komor lives for sales. This is true both vis-à-vis our customers, irrespective of their size, industry or nationality, and the management or sales team, but also as a role model for young, junior employees. Mister Komor demonstrates professionality in sales and communicates clearly and specifically. To Mister Komor, sales means active communication with and integration of other departments of the company in order to reach the objectives together and to be able to provide the customer with the best possible support. Our company was able to generate record sales under Mister Komor’s sales management.

Joerg HoffmannFormer Managing Director – Dietzel Hydraulik, Xanten, Germany

Mister Komor impressively demonstrated to us and to our staff the importance of well-founded sales experience in a national and international environment. In only a short period of time, he identified the most significant market-specific topics, structured them and developed a new strategy. That way, we managed to access new customer groups and develop new markets and to acquire regular customers. Putting our confidence in an experienced salesman with such an impressive industrial track record really paid off.

Karsten KlützManaging Director – Wichmann & Ullrich, Bremen, Germany

We were looking for an interim manager for our client, an interim manager who knows about the significance of sales means in a medium-sized industrial company and who has mastered comparable tasks many times before. He had to create order, come up with a new strategy quickly and implement it according to the goals – from restructuring to positioning to developing new key accounts. Mister Komor was our first choice – the perfect candidate both for me and for our customer! Proof for the outstanding success is the detailed report on the project in Harvard Business manager, which we, as Atreus, were able to publish there.

Sascha HacksteinDirector – Atreus GmbH, Munich, Germany

We hosted Mr. Komor as an alumnus of the Department for Industrial Engineering and profiled B2B sales specialist for a fireside chat at the university. The evening was for my colleagues and me, very informative, technically substantial, but also entertaining. Mr. Komor has passionately presented the content, conveying the image that he does what he does very professionally. Well, I can say that this was one of the most impressive fireside chats in recent years.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sandra Krommes, Sustainable Engineering & Management University of Applied Sciences, Department for Industrial Engineering, Rosenheim, Germany

In the six months that Mister Komor was Managing Director, our sales team has learned a great deal. He coached us individually, gave up the wrong things, improved the right things and introduced new things, like accurate sales controlling and targeted market segmentation. Also in the field of inbound marketing, we had a significant increase in lead generation and thus got much more attractive project inquiries.

Jan HübnerSenior Manager Sales and Project Management, Dürr thermea GmbH, Ottendorf-Okrilla, Germany

From start on, Mister Komor has brought very professional order and clear structures into the sales organization. Based on his comprehensive, intensive analysis and the pragmatic approach the team was able to begin the implementation quickly while him still coaching them. Particularly the elaboration of precise value arguments help us to position our products and systems to enter new markets and to increase penetration in existing markets. Thus, he laid the foundations for our future success. His action plan clearly describes our tasks and priorities for the next year and a half.

Dipl.-Ing. Holger HoffmannManaging Director – Hauhinco Maschinenfabrik, Sprockhövel, Germany

Based on his expertise, Mister Komor provided us with clear instructions and recommendations for the optimisation of our market position, our distribution and sales channels and our export business through an intense exchange. This was very valuable to us, a medium-sized family business, as our company does not dispose of sufficient resources to do it alone. That way we were able to broaden our horizons and think outside the box. The impetuses we received in the workshop with Ralf Komor really helped us move on.

Eva JostGeneral Partner – Hans Weitzel GmbH & Co. KG, Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany

Ralf Komor has a very good reputation with us. He is both a strategist and a doer, he tackles what is necessary, develops feasible solutions and achieves excellent sustainable results unexpectedly quickly. His way of thinking and his ability to swap ideas with colleagues on every level promote innovations and therefore long-term success.

Uwe HaßlerFormer Managing Director – Dietzel Hydraulik, Beerwalde, Germany

Mister Komor has always been open to his sales team – field and backoffice – and was from the first day on very interested in our opinion and suggestions for improvement and integrated our issues into his implementation plan. He exudes calm and works concentrated on the many daily tasks. Our customers – national and international – appreciated him after a short time as a competent partner. His learning packages from the sales meetings were very helpful for my personal development. In addition, he systematically accompanied the transfer of our company into a new joint venture.

Tobias Leicher, SFM / IWS / SWMSales Director, Welding Equipment Company, Bad Waldsee, Germany

During my bachelor thesis on the development of new digital business models, I got to know Mister Komor as a leader on the ravages of time. The three-month work, which was supervised by him, gave me an excellent chance to personally develop myself and at the same time make a valuable contribution to the company.
Through his trust, I was able to take responsibility right from the start. Nevertheless, he also gave me the necessary framework by keeping the focus on the result. Mr. Komor has made the job easier for me by always giving me access to the necessary resources. He also had an open ear in case of difficulties and was always supportive, as well as a door opener to market professionals. New and creative ideas, for which Mister Komor has always been open, have emerged, in particular through mutual exchange.
Overall, I will, therefore, remember the joint work as a formative time. On the one hand, working with him was a lot of fun, and on the other, I made a big step forward on my professional career path.

Jonas KraussMarket Head Europe, Sleepiz AG, Zurich, Switzerland