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B2V – BUSINESS-TO-VIDEO // The ultimate tips for video calls with the experience of the Corona times

B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2G, … these abbreviations stand for different sales channels. I would like to add a new approach based on the experiences made in the last months: B2V – Business-to-Video. This is the appropriate description for the many video calls we have made with our customers recently. But how do you prepare yourself and your sales team for B2V? Here is my suggestion how to do it.

Digitisation & Digitalisation – You Need To Know The Difference

In German there is only one term: digitalisation. In the Anglo-American language area, however, a distinction is made between “digitisation” and “digitalisation” (in the U.S.A.: digitization – digitalization). For once, our language is not as precise as English.
But what is the difference?