Questions about the mandate – What exactly is it about?

You can use these questions to prepare for the assignment of an Interim Manager.

Objection Bingo: 44 reasons why it does not work!

We all know people who always have a “good” objection why something will not work out. Here you will find collected works of these contemporaries.

Thinking beyond the purchase: The dynamic customer life cycle

The management consultancy Gartner recognised early on that it is not enough to focus on the pure purchasing cycle. Since it is no longer enough to simply win orders, the focus must be on the entire customer life cycle. Here is a summary of the Gartner ideas from 2016.

DIGITAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE // Changing customer experience: 5 challenges for companies

Whether Big Data, Machine Learning or the Internet of Things (IoT): Technological progress and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing everything – including how customers experience companies and make purchasing decisions. What challenges do companies have to overcome to remain competitive in the future?
I will introduce you to the five most important trends and challenges of digital customer experiences – DIGITAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

Five Quotes from my book “Chefsache Interim Management”

Here you can read five important quotes from my book contribution “Agile B2B Sales in the age of Digitalisation” in the book “Chefsache Interim Management“.

New impulses through Interim Sales Managers: Resulting instead of Consulting

Interim Sales Manager in medium-sized companies: Resulting instead of consulting!
How to make a successful business restart in times of digitalisation? Interim Sales Managers initiate new business models in the digital change and lead sales teams to old strengths and new successes. This is becoming increasingly important, especially for medium-sized businesses.

Do not assign me until you have the answers to these seven Questions!

Dear interested parties and clients!
I want to find out if I am the right man for the job. For this purpose I have developed these questions over the course of time.
Please answer these seven questions for yourself before hiring me or any other Interim Manager.

Top Tips for Interim Managers and companie that want to hire Interim Managers

Norrie Johnston, one of the leading British Interim Recruiters, shares his best tips for Interim Candidates. This quick checklist should hopefully give you the most answers.
INTERIM MANAGER: these questions, thoughts and tips can be used to help you prepare your presentation and plan the start-up phase of a mandate.
CUSTOMER: these questions, thoughts and hints can be used to prepare for the assignment of an interim manager.

Digitisation & Digitalisation – You Need To Know The Difference

In German there is only one term: digitalisation. In the Anglo-American language area, however, a distinction is made between “digitisation” and “digitalisation” (in the U.S.A.: digitization – digitalization). For once, our language is not as precise as English.
But what is the difference?

Disruptive Innovation: “Many have misunderstood the concept”

“Disruptive” and “innovation” – the two terms are often mentioned in the same breath, but they are also misunderstood and misused. Harvard professor Clayton Christensen is considered the inventor of the Theory of Disruptive Innovation. He is astonished that his theory is applied to all kinds of things. Neither Uber, nor Tesla, nor Airbnb are considered to be disruptive innovators.