Objection Bingo: 44 reasons why it does not work!

We all know people who always have a “good” objection why something will not work out.

Here you will find collected works of these contemporaries.

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You can use these arguments to prepare for the next meeting. 

  1. Objection Bingo: 44 reasons why it does not work!


    1. I can’t do that
    2. This is definitely too expensive
    3. Someone tried that seven years ago
    4. We lack the manpower
    5. The budget is not enough
    6. Oh dear, bad time
    7. Nobody wants that
    8. My husband/wife/businesswoman/boss doesn’t want that
    9. I’d love to, but they won’t let me
    10. There is no money for this
    11. There is a lack of expertise in this area
    12. The works council will never approve this
    13. The old one still works
    14. The interaction with X/Y/Z needs to be further investigated
    15. That’s too high-flying
    16. Who knows what would come of it
    17. That’s not our problem.
    18. That’s impossible.
    19. It’s not going down well upstairs
    20. That would go beyond the scope
    21. I can’t convey that to our clients
    22. That’s what others have failed
    23. Nobody understands that
    24. We’ve been doing this for 20 years.
    25. If it were possible, someone else would have done it already
    26. This is not working
    27. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks
    28. The ROI is too uncertain
    29. This does not work in practice
    30. I have to sleep over this for a few more nights.
    31. This still needs a feasibility study
    32. We’ll have to wait for the committee meeting
    33. The cannibalisation effect must be avoided
    34. This is not working
    35. That’s true, but…
    36. I can’t get that through
    37. We’ve been through this before
    38. Let’s talk about this later
    39. If the framework conditions were different, it might be an option
    40. We should stay out of that.
    41. Well, it’s just a theory
    42. We do not have the time
    43. Basically correct, but not applicable here
    44. The market research says that this does not find buyers

Why don’t you just make an objection bingo wheel and bring it to the meeting. The surprise is guaranteed!

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