Tips for the new sales manager on the first visit to customers

Tips for new sales managers on how to prepare the initial visit to existing customers and how to strengthen and expand the relationship resiliently

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Tips for the new sales manager on the first visit to customers


  • OBJECTIVE: To understand what customers like. To learn what customers want as further development of the company, the product, or the services. Recognize what has so far prevented non-customers from buying or – in the case of ex-customers – has led to breaking off contact.
  • Separate personal sensitivities from structural deficiencies.
  • Not getting caught up in the past. It is important to ask yourself and your customers questions that are directed towards the future.
  • Brief self-presentation: new leadership in sales.

Questions to customers

  • What do you expect from us in the future?
  • What services and products would you like to receive from us that we have not yet offered?
  • What incident has ever affected our relationship and what would you recommend to us to avoid similar situations in the future?
  • What is a special highlight for you that you would like to experience with us again?
  • If you were in my place as a newly appointed sales manager: What would you especially consider?
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