Five steps to a strong value proposition. High performing salespeople are essentially change agents. They recommend, advise and support their customers and aren’t afraid to push when it’s in their customers’ best interests.


This is the way TOP sellers do business

  • They put together five arguments to ensure the value proposition is as strong as possible for each buyer.
  • They inspire buyers with new ideas and perspectives, influencing how buyers approach their top priorities.
  • They challenge the status quo and refuse to accept it, redefining reality in the process.

TOP salespeople get buyers to think differently in these 5 steps!

  1. Priorities: “Do this, not that…”
  2. Approaches: “Do it this way, not that way…”
  3. Return on investment: “Because…”
  4. Decide now: “Act now, not later…”
  5. Partnership: “With us, not with them…”


1. Priorities

What exactly does the buyer need to do? What does the buyer need? What is most important?

Salespeople should ensure that they have done a situational analysis of the buyer so that they understand the situation. Then salespeople should put themselves in the role of an advisor: they want to influence the buyer’s mindset to ensure that the buyer selects the right decision criteria. This is about two things: finding out what is possible and knowing what is a priority.

In essence, you are making sure that the buyer knows that they should do this and not that.

2. Approaches

Once a buyer has identified the right priorities, they need to focus on the “how” to address those priorities in the right way.

Salespeople should demonstrate their expertise and show how they can bring new and different approaches to solving the buyer’s challenges. This is where TOP salespeople shine and stand out.

They ensure that buyers know they should “do it this way, not that way”.

3. Return on investment

Return on investment is nothing new, but it remains a particular challenge for salespeople to build and communicate the ROI case effectively. Only 16% of buyers say that salespeople can effectively communicate ROI.

Presenting ROI is critical to success, especially in a challenging economic environment. Salespeople need to convince buyers that ROI is realistically achievable. In this sense, salespeople need to focus on the impact, because it is the impact that determines the buyer’s urgency and action. Impact is emotional and rational, and it is the answer to why buyers should make the purchase.

In short, you need to ensure that buyers can say they need this solution because…

4. Decide now!

The fourth step, decisions, is about getting buyers to decide that they have heard enough and are ready to act. It’s all about the “when”.

Salespeople need to communicate the call to action clearly so that buyers know what to do next and when. The more buyers believe in the path they are taking, the more confident they are in their decision and the more likely they are to act with a sense of urgency.

In other words, salespeople need to communicate to buyers that they should act now, not later.

5. Partnership

The buyer has decided to act in a certain way (to do this), with urgency (because), by following a certain path (taking action). Now they need to choose a partner to do it with, also known as the “who”.

This is where your relationship comes in. Building relationships requires conscious effort and laying a foundation so that the buyer feels that you are someone they want to pay attention to, take advice from and work with further – not someone else.

Sellers help buyers realise that they should do it “with us and not with them”.

These 5 steps are the cornerstone of a successful sales approach.

Selling, by its very nature, is about change. If you want to be successful in sales, you need to present the reasons for success to your buyers so that they decide to buy.

This approach develops a very strong value proposition that is undeniable and persuades the buyer to buy.

If you prepare this way and make rock-solid arguments, you put yourself in a good negotiating position and make the deal!

This article is based on an impulse from the RAIN GROUP.

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