Do not assign me until you have the answers to these seven Questions!

Dear interested parties and clients!

I want to find out if I am the right manager for your job. Therefore I have prepared these questions for you.
Please answer these seven questions for yourself before you assign me or any other Interim Manager.

You can use these questions to prepare for the assignment of an Interim Manager.

  1. What has been done in the past to deal with this issue?
  2. Why was that not successful?
  3. What exactly is supposed to change through the assignment of the Interim Manager?
  4. What expertise should the Interim Manager bring with him/her to achieve this goal?
  5. What is the estimated project duration?
  6. What is the sales cycle of the products, systems, equipment?
  7. What “cultural fit” are you aiming for, what makes the Interim Manager tick?