Fit for the future: WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen uses the advantages of BIM

Rethinking and relearning pays off in the long term.

In the near future it should be possible to load all information from WALDNER products into BIM databases without any problems. We also use the necessary software to simplify, accelerate and make our international process more transparent. This requires a rethinking and relearning at first – but pays off in the long run.

Everyone is talking about BIM. But what is that anyway? BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and is basically just a platform that collects data for a construction project. But it collects ALL data, down to the last screw. With the appropriate software, this data can be used extensively: The architect or planner can use them for his planning as well as all other trades involved. In the planning phase, collisions can be avoided, for example, thanks to 3D models. The technicians on site know exactly where to install what and can inform themselves about any special features that may be required during installation and assembly. And the future facility manager can easily re-order parts with the data, for example a defective drawer – when ordering, this data is directly used for automatic production. Because everything is already stored, even for custom-made products.

No way around BIM

The hook to BIM: This data must all be generated and entered first. For this purpose it must be clear who needs which data in which form? We are already working on this with representatives from all areas of WALDNER – and also with our customers. Klaus Söhngen, CEO of eretec Laborplanung GmbH & Co. KG and representative for the planning side, explains: “In the beginning, BIM means additional work. For me as a planner as well as for example for WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen as a supplier. But there’s no point in getting upset about it, because we can’t get past BIM. It is already standard in international construction projects and is therefore also required by clients as part of the contract for planning and delivery. We have therefore been working in BIM projects for over 4 years, using the most widely used software Revit. Interim Manager Ralf H. Komor, who controls the implementation of BIM in the WALDNER Group, confirms this: “Anyone who is not capable of BIM will be off the market in the future”. And he adds: “BIM is first and foremost an advantage for our customers. I therefore often speak of customer “BIMdung”. But we can also use the Revit software for us. Because it can do a lot of things for which we previously needed different programs. Therefore, we are now consistently introducing Revit in all companies of the WALDNER group and thus reduce unnecessary breaks at interfaces, make our data readable, usable and transparent for everyone in the company from the very beginning, for example drawn plans and also project costs”.

We’ll start

In concrete terms, this could look like this, explains Markus Wick, Head of Sales Germany/Austria at WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen: “We from the sales department get the data from the system for a quotation and can visualise photorealistically at the customer’s premises using virtual reality glasses or augmented reality how the planned project should look. I then let our customers try out the fume cupboard virtually, for example. Even noise or logistics simulations would be possible.” Another advantage for the sales department: Since there are unique IDs for each part worldwide, all words and dimensions are automatically translated into the corresponding language. So an offer in Korean would not be a problem. When it comes to execution, this data can be transferred directly and flows immediately into automatic production without any intermediate steps. “So we compile the data set necessary for the project right at the beginning and avoid unnecessary duplication of work”, Ralf H. Komor is sure and uses a picture from forestry: “If we sharpen the saw correctly and in good time, we can not only cut down more and better trees, but also with less effort”. But he also knows: “Of course, we don’t have the perfect system right away, but we always start with the goal in mind, test and change if necessary until we and our customers are satisfied!”

Source: „Wir sind WALDNER“ Edition 01.2018
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