BIM and Digitalisation – Relevance for the manufacturing industry? Dialogue, Exchange, Impulses.

At the invitation of Autodesk GmbH, Ralf H. KOMOR discussed this topic at the event on 26 November 2018 at the BIM World in Munich.

Interim. Sales. Komor.

The increasing global importance of BIM – Building Information Modeling – and the resulting pressure for change for the entire value chain is no longer only omnipresent in the construction industry. Customer markets are changing due to the BIM methodology and therefore building suppliers, factory designers and planners of industrial plants have to act.

The BIM methodology is neither a threat nor a cost factor, but an opportunity to get closer to customer markets and to achieve a more individual, personalized communication in the quotation process.

These exciting topics were covered:

  • Business models – How will Building Information Modeling change the business models of industrial companies?
  • Processes – BIM enables a 3D model-based process for the planning, implementation and operation of buildings and infrastructure. Which processes have to be implemented? How do the requirements of a building services provider differ from those of a planner of industrial plants?
  • Technology – Can the software cover the requirements of building design according to the methodology, as well as product development with manufacturing quality?